Never a follower, the all-new Korando has an independent style that projects smart and modern values.
Strong and unique - that’s the appeal of the all-new Korando.


  • Charcoal Black Interior
  • Soft Gray Interior
  • Espresso Brown Interior
  • Paddle Shift
  • Tilt & telescopic, and heated steering wheel
  • Leather-wrapped gear knob
  • Spacious glove box
  • Sliding armrest
  • Large capacity door map pocket
  • 3-stage ventilated seats (1st row), 8-way power adjustable driver and front passenger seats, and 4-way adjustable power lumbar support for driver seat
  • 3-stage heated front and 2nd row seats

Deep Control technologies bring the goal of perfect safety closer than ever. Whether driving around town or taking long-haul cross-country trips, Deep Control promotes peace of mind and elevates driving confidence to a whole new level.

Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control (IACC)

  • Forward Collision Warning Forward Collision Warning (FCW)

    Alerts the driver when another vehicle or pedestrian appears in the path of the vehicle.

    Autonomous Emergency Braking System (AEBS)

    On detecting a pedestrian or another vehicle within the intended path, AEBS will automatically deactivate the throttle and will apply the brakes to reduce the risk of a serious collision.

  • Lane Departure Warning System Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

    Warns the driver whenever the vehicle begins to move out of its lane unless the directional indicators are on in that direction.

    Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)

    LKAS uses a front camera to monitor the painted lane markers. On detecting an attempt to change lanes without prior signaling, it automatically corrects the electrical power steering system to keep the vehicle within the intended lane.

  • Blind Spot Detection Blind Spot Detection (BSD)

    BSD detects the presence of another vehicle in the blind spot and flashes a warning using lamps built into the outside mirror housing.

  • Lane Change Assist Lane Change Assist (LCA)

    If attempting a lane change while a vehicle is within 70m in the rear and is approaching at high speeds, LCA flashes a warning using the outside mirror lamps and sounds an alarm.

  • Exit Assist Function Exit Assist Function (EAF)

    When exiting a parking space while another vehicle is approaching from the rear, EAF sounds an alarm and displays a warning icon on the cluster

  • Safety Distance Alert Safety Distance Alert (SDA)

    By continuously monitoring speed and distance, SDA will sound a warning whenever a safe braking distance is not maintained from the car ahead.

  • Front Vehicle Start Alert Front Vehicle Start Alert (FVSA)

    While stopped and the car in front has started to move, FVSA will issue a visual pop-up alert and audible alarm.

  • High Beam Assist High Beam Assist (HBA)

    By monitoring the headlights of oncoming vehicles and the rear combination lamps of the vehicles ahead, HBA analyzes ambient light levels to automatically switch between high and low beams

  • Rear Cross-Traffic Alert Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA)

    Assists the driver when backing up by detecting the presence of vehicles approaching on either side in the rear.

  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert Intervention Rear Cross Traffic Alert Intervention (RCTAi)

    When reversing and an approaching vehicle is detected in the path, RCTA sounds an alarm and automatically applies the brakes to stop the vehicle and reduce the risk of a collision. (available with the A/T model)

  • Driver Attention Alert Driver Attention Alert (DAA)

    Driving patterns are continuously monitored and as soon as a pattern of drowsy driving is detected, DAA sounds an alert and advises the driver to take a break.

1.5 GDI-Turbo gasoline engine

1.5 GDI-Turbo engine with improved low-speed torque performance and superior start/overtaking acceleration in the maximum torque classification, for a more exciting driving experience.

  • 163Max Power
    ps / 5,500rpm
  • 280Max Torque
    Nm / 1,500-4,000rpm
1.6 diesel engine

The downsized, eco-friendly 1.6 diesel engine delivers best-in-class performance under any driving condition.

  • 136Max Power
    ps / 4,000rpm
  • 324Max Torque
    Nm / 1,500-2,500rpm
e-XDi160 Drive Mode System

Selectable drive modes (Normal/Sport/Winter) optimize traction distribution and the gear shift schedule to suit driver preferences and road conditions.

  • AISIN 6-speed automatic transmission

    Fitted on some of the finest cars in the world, the tested and proven AISIN 6-speed automatic offers smooth and quiet gear shifting with maximum fuel efficiency.

  • 6-speed manual transmission

    The 6-speed manual gearbox delivers a fun driving experience with maximum driver engagement.
    Optimized gear ratios ensure smooth, and precise gear shifts, improved fuel efficiency and a quieter ride.


AWD optimizes power distribution between the front and rear axles to suit road and weather conditions thus ensuring optimal traction, directional stability and peak dynamic performance.


Korando comes equipped with seven airbags, including driver knee airbag and front-seat side airbags

  • 1 Driver seat airbag
  • 2 Driver seat knee airbag
  • 3 Passenger seat airbag
  • 45 Front-seat side airbag (left/right)
  • 67 Curtain airbag (left/right)
74% High Tensile-Strength Steel

To ensure uncompromising rigidity and safety, premium grade-HTSS accounts for 74% of the all-new Korando structure - more than any other vehicle in its class. The all-new Korando also features some of the most advanced N.V.H. (Noise Vibration Harshness) technologies to realize a whisper-quiet ride.

No ordinary seat, this driver seat makes you feel like you are in command of a cockpit and moving into the future, ahead of everyone else.
The instrument panel incorporates the latest display technologies and navigational aids as well as full connectivity with smartphones to maximize driver convenience while minimizing distraction.

10.25” full LCD digital cluster

Navigation information is displayed through a 9” navigation screen that simultaneously links to the cluster display for added convenience.
(Video/DMB not operable while driving)

  • Cluster navigation screen
  • Full navigation
  • AV mirroring
  • Turn-by-turn
  • 9” HD Navigation with Smart Mirroring (EU only) 9” HD Navigation with
    Smart Mirroring (EU only)
  • 8” Smart mirroring multimedia 8” Smart mirroring multimedia
  • Apple CarPlay Apple CarPlay
  • Google Android Auto Google Android Auto

Infinity mood lamps

All-new Korando’s spacious cabin is appointed with premium materials that pamper and isolate you from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. From the top-of-the-line seat amenities to the 34-colour infinity mood lighting, every meticulously crafted detail contributes toward the premium ambience. Whether your journey is long or short, the all-new Korando guarantees pure traveling delight.

Smart tailgate

Stand behind the vehicle with your smart key and without pressing any button the tailgate will open automatically within 3 seconds.


Whether you’re following the daily routine or loading up for a weekend outing in the countryside, the all-new Korando demonstrates an amazing ability to adapt to the needs of the moment thanks to 551 litres of luggage space. The smart tailgate and two-level magic tray combine the strengths of a sedan and SUV to make life a lot easier.

  • Standard
  • 2nd row 40% folded
  • 2nd row 60% folded
  • 2nd row fully folded
  • Standard
  • With magic tray
  • With magic tray removed (551ℓ)


    · The fuel economy can very according to road conditions or driver's habits
    · The above technical data vary slightly by certification requirements or sales specifications.
    · ISG : Idle Stop and Go syatem

    · The fuel economy can very according to road conditions or driver's habits
    · The above technical data vary slightly by certification requirements or sales specifications.
    · ISG : Idle Stop and Go syatem

    · The fuel economy can very according to road conditions or driver's habits
    · The above technical data vary slightly by certification requirements or sales specifications.
    · ISG : Idle Stop and Go syatem