2011~2020 NEW VISION

2017 Sep. Launched Rexton
2017 Mar. Launched New Korando
2016 Mar. Launched XLV
2015 Mar. Launched Tivoli
2013 Feb. Released [New Rodius]
2012 Dec. Unveiled New Design Center at Pyeongtaek
2012 Jan. SsangYong Korando wins the Northern European Race in extremely cold weather
2012 Jan. Launched [Actyon Sports]
2011 Mar. Merged with Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd

2001~2010 SUV / RV Leader

2010 Nov. SsangYong and Mahindra signed definitive agreement
2010 Sep. Test drive event of Korando for foreign journalists in Spain
2010 Sep. Launched [Korando], SsangYong's classy utility vehicle model
2010 Jun. Signed a contract with Russia to export KD
2008 Jul. Established EU Representative Office in Spain
2008 Jul. Released '2009 model year' of [Rexton II], [New Kyron], [Actyon] and [Actyon Sports]
2008 Nov. Awarded 'Safest Warehouse of the Netherlands in 2008'
2008 Jul. [EU Parts Center] authorized by a leading logistics certificate organization and magazine in the Netherlands
2008 Feb. Released [Chairman W]
2007 Dec. Released '2008 moded year' of [New Kyron], [Actyon] and [Actyon Sports]
2007 Jul. Released [New Rodius]
2007 Apr. Released [New Kyron]
2006 Sep. Released '2007 model year' of [Kyron], [Actyon] and [Rodius]
2006 Jul. Rexton II was awarded the '®Energy Winner 2007,' authorized by the ‘Consumers Korea’
2006 Apr. Released [Actyon Sports]
2006 Mar. Released [Rexton II]
2005 Dec. Rexton was awarded the 'Car of the Year' in Malaysia
2005 Dec. Musso Sports received the 'Best Pickup Awared' by the New Straits Times in Israel
2005 Oct. Released [Actyon] in Korea
2005 Sep. World premiere of [Kyron] in IAA 2005
2005 Aug. Received an award for the 'Energy Winner 2006' in corporation sector, authorized by the 'Consumers Korea'
2005 Jun. Released [Kyron] in Korea
2005 May. Held the 2nd Global Distributor's Conference
2005 Jan. Successful completion of corporate restructuring program (Workout)
2004 Oct. Merged with Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC)
2004 Jul. New Chairman and Rodius were awarded the ‘Good Industry Design'
2004 Mar. Musso Sports finished crossing the America Continent through the Rocky Mountains to the Andes Mountains
2004 Mar. Released [Rodius]
2004 Feb. Released ‘2004 model year’ of [Musso], [Musso Sports] and [Korando]
2003 Dec. Released [New Rexton]
2003 Sep. Released [New Chairman]
2003 Jul. Released [Rexton] 2WD model
2003 Jan. Contract signed for CKD business with Shanghai Huizhong Automobile Manufacturing Company (SHAC) of China
2002 Nov. Received ‘Prime Minister Prize’ at the '32nd Precise Technology Promotion Contest’
2002 Oct. Established ‘After-Sale Service Technical Center’ in Nanjing, China
2002 Sep. Launched the first SUT in Korea, [Musso Sports]
2002 Aug. Initiated quality innovation ‘SSQ-2002 Campaign’
2002 Jun. Selected as the ‘Best Company on Value Management’
2002 Jun. Certified as the best company of the customer satisfaction management system
2001 Mar. [Musso] won the 1st place in SUV section of the Brand Power, sponsored by the Korea Management Association for 3 consecutive years
2001 Apr. Changwon Engine Plant recorded producing a half million engines
2001 Feb. Released upgraded models of [Musso], [Korando] and [Istana]
2001 Sep. Launched [Rexton], premium sports utilities vehicle

1994~2000 Challenge

2000 Oct. [Korando] received the ‘Energy Winner 2001 Award’
2000 Apr. Released '2000 model year' of [Korando]
2000 Apr. Became independent from the Daewoo Group
2000 Mar. Released 2 other models of [Chairman], CM500 and CM400
2000 Jan. Established independent sales network
1999 Dec. Underwent corporate restructuring program
1999 Jun. Introduced 7-passenger model of [New Musso]
1998 Jun. Released [New Musso]
1998 Jan. Merged with the Daewoo Group
1997 Oct. Launched [Chairman], a luxury sedan model
1996 Jul. Introduced [New Korando]
1996 Jun. Acquired ISO certification for all models for the first time in Korea
1995 Jul. Produced [Istana (MB100)], light commercial vehicles
1995 Jun Completed the ‘Parts Logistics Center’ in Choenan, Korea
1994 Aug. Produced the ‘Korando New Family’ vehicles
1994 Jun. Completed the ‘Changwon Engine Plant’
1994 Apr. Completed the 'After-Sales Service Technical Center’ in Daejeon, Korea

1984~1993 Overseas expansion

1993 Nov. Agreed strategic alliance with Mercedes Benz AG for developing diesel engines
1993 Jul. Embarked on producing [Musso], a wagon type 4WD vehicle
1993 Feb. Agreed technical alliance with Mercedes Benz AG for developing passenger cars
1993 Jan. Agreed joint capital investment (5%) with Mercedes Benz AG
1992 Jun. Exported [Kallista]
1992 Jun. Completed construction of the 'R&D Center'
1992 Jan. Began using the ‘Three Harmonized Circle’ emblem
1991 Feb. Agreed strategic alliance with Mercedes Benz AG for developing light commercial vehicles
1990 Feb. [Korando] won 1st place in the 10th Cyprus Rally
1989 Dec. Promoted dump truck sales
1988 Dec. Introduced [Korando Family], a station wagon type vehicle
1988 Mar. Company name changed to SsangYong Motor Co., Ltd.
1988 Feb. Exported [Korando] to Northern Europe
1987 Jun. Acquired ‘PANTHER CAR Co., UK’
1987 Feb. R&D Center was established in the Pyungtaek Plant
1986 Nov. SsangYong Group participated in the management of Dong-A Motor
1986 Nov. Exported [Korando] to Japan
1985 Aug. Geohwa Busan Plant moved to the Pyungtaek site
1984 Dec. Dong-A Motor took over Geohwa Co., Ltd.
1984 Oct. Exported high-speed buses to Libya

1954~1983 Overseas expansion

1983 Mar. Adopted the [Korando] trademark of Geohwa Co., Ltd.
1982 Mar. Developed dump trailers
1981 Sep. Began selling snowplow jeeps
1981 May. Began selling taxi jeeps
1980 Mar. Assigned to be a part of National Defense Industries
1979 Dec. Completed the construction of the Pyungtaek Plant
1977 Feb. Developed 4, 5 and 6-passenger diesel jeep models
1976 Sep. Began to produce a variety of special purpose vehicles
1974 Oct. Developed both hard top and soft top jeeps
1974 May. Made a technical partnership contract with AMC
1974 Apr. Co-established Shinjin jeep Motor Co., Ltd
1972 Dec. Company was registered as a corporation
1967 Aug. Became Korea's first exporter of large buses to Vietnam
1967 May. Established partnership with Shinjin Motor Co., Ltd.
1966 May. Started exporting H7H R-66 busesto Brunei
1965 Dec. Received the Korea's Excellent Company Award by the Ministry of Transportation
1963 Jul. Two companies (Ha Dong-Hwan Motor Workshop and Dongbang Motor Co., Ltd.) merged under a new name, Ha Dong-Hwan Motor Co., Ltd.
1962 Dec. Company establishment was publicly notified
1962 Dec. Dongbang Motor Co., Ltd. was established
1954 Jan. Ha Dong-Hwan Motor Workshop was established