The new Korando e-Motion is finally here with a style that inherits and reinterprets Korando’s original identity. Eye-catching and confident, the e-Motion features an electrified powertrain that maximizes driving adventure both on and off-road.

  • Front design The front design features a stippled sharkskin finish, while the closed radiator grille completes the high-tech image of an electric vehicle.
  • Front Bumper Inspired by sharkskin, the bumper design achieves a dynamic and voluminous image.
  • Radiator grill Maximum energy efficiency is pursued with a dimensional closed radiator grille.
  • Full LED headlamp & LED Fog lights

    Full LED headlamp : The headlights feature blue accents for a future-oriented front design that is characteristic of EVs.

    LED Fog Lights : Featuring a triple LED array, the front fog lamps are neatly integrated into the front bumper.

  • Side design A clean sill door design minimizes the build-up of dirt and mud for cleaner entry and exit.
  • Clean Sill A clean sill door design minimizes the build-up of dirt and mud for cleaner entry and exit.
  • LED side repeater on outside mirror Blue accents are applied for an eco-friendly image.
  • 17-inch Alloy Wheels & 215/65R Tires (EV Wheels & ECO Tires) lmproved aerodynamics with uniquely designed aero wheels radiate a futuristic image.
  • Rear design The rear design features a wide stance and clean look that harmonizes with the front.
  • LED Rear combination lamps & Auxiliary lights LED rear combination lamps evoke the image of the unique, powerful presence of an electric vehicle.
  • Rear Bumper & Skid Plate Sophisticated shapes and blue colour accents express the robust image

  • Steering wheel (heated / tilt / telescopic)

    The ergonomically designed steering wheel provides a comfortable grip and features tilt (height) & telescopic (length) adjustment as well as heating.

  • Multi switch console

    Various switches are located below the air vent to be in easier reach and prevent driver distraction.

  • Glove box

    High-capacity, multi-functional glove box for expanded storage space (largest in its class, accommodates a 10.5” iPad) includes a cardholder and inner tray.

  • Large capacity door map pocket

    Inner door panels offer ample storage capacity : 1.5ℓ- and 0.7ℓ bottles can be stored in the front door while a 1.5-ℓ bottle fits the rear door.

  • Sliding armrest

    The armrest design is optimized for sharing between driver/ passenger for maximum convenience.

  • Auto-Hold

    A function that keeps the vehicle stopped even if the foot is lifted off the brake pedal while stationary. Application of the acceleration pedal results in automatic brake release.

  • 1st & 2nd row heated seats

    Thermal wiring has been built into the seat cushion and seatback to improve comfort on winter days.

  • 1st row power seats with lumbar support for the driver

    Optimal comfort and operational convenience are provided for each body type, with 8-way power seats in the front and 4-way lumbar support for the driver’s seat.

Recharge a fully depleted battery to 100% capacity in around 11 hours. Using a DC ultra-fast(100kW) charger, you can reach 80% in around 33 minutes.

Delivering 140kW and 360Nm of torque instantly, you will experience powerful dynamic performance. Regenerative brakes transform the kinetic energy generated by braking into electrical energy for battery charging.
140kWMax Power
360NmMax Torque
e-XDi160 Paddle shifters (Regenerative Braking Control)

Paddle shifters add the fun factor by allowing you to control the level of regenerative braking for improved dynamic performance and energy efficiency.

  • SBW (Shift By Wire)

    SBW incorporates the traditional T-shaped shift handle that every driver is familiar with, but it also includes a handy arrow guide on the lever top to help prevent shift selection errors while in the P gear. Also, turning the ignition on or off triggers "Welcome" and "Goodbye" voice messages for added confidence and convenience.

77% High Tensile-Strength Steel

The percentage of high tensile and ultra-high tensile used for the e-Motion’s frame has been increased to 77% for increased strength and safety. The passenger safety cell has been structurally reinforced to ensure a higher level of protection in the event of a collision.


Korando e-Motion comes equipped with 8 airbags, including a driver's knee airbag and far side airbag.

  • 1 Driver seat airbag
  • 2 Driver seat knee airbag
  • 3 Passenger seat airbag
  • 4 Far Side airbag
  • 56 Front-seat side airbag (left/right)
  • 78 Curtain airbag (left/right)

  • Forward Collision Warning Speed Limit Warning(SLW)

    Displays traffic information, including posted speed limits, thus maximizing driving safety.

  • Lane Departure Warning System Smart High Beam(SHB)

    Detects preceding vehicles’ rear combination lights, headlights of oncoming vehicles and ambient brightness levels to automatically switch between high and low beams.

  • Forward Collision Warning Front Vehicle Start Warning(FVSW)

    Alerts the driver when the preceding stopped vehicle begins to depart.

  • Lane Departure Warning System Safety Distance Warning(SDW)

    The driver is alerted whenever a safe distance is not maintained from the preceding vehicle.

  • Forward Collision Warning Driver Attention Warning(DAW)

    Monitors driving patterns and on detecting signs of fatigue or inattentiveness, it will issue a warning advising the driver to take a break.

  • Lane Departure Warning System Autonomous Emergency Braking(AEB)

    When a frontal collision is anticipated, this function warns the driver and automatically applies the brakes to prevent a collision.

  • Forward Collision Warning Lane Keeping Assist(LKA)

    The front camera module helps prevent unintended lane departure and if an unintended lane departure is detected (absence of a turn signal), LKA will automatically make a corrective steering adjustment.

  • Lane Departure Warning System Lane Departure Warning(LDW)

    Notifies the driver when the forward camera module detects an unintended lane departure by the vehicle.

  • Forward Collision Warning Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Assist(RCTA)

    When backing up, emergency braking is automatically applied whenever rear cross-traffic poses the risk of a collision.

  • Lane Departure Warning System Rear Cross-Traffic Warning(RCTW)

    The driver is alerted if the sensor detects an obstacle in the vehicle’s path while parking backing up.

  • Exit Assist Function Exit Assist Function (EAF)

    Warns the driver of vehicles approaching from the rear when exiting a parking spot.

  • Blind Spot Detection Blind Spot Detection (BSD)

    Warns the driver of any vehicles in the rear blind spots.

  • Lane Change Assist Lane Change Assist (LCA)

    Warns the driver of vehicles approaching from the rear within 70m range.

Electric Brake Unit (EBU) system, which includes all the functions of Electronic Stability Control (ESC), provides the highest standard of braking performance and improved quietness not only on slopes but on all types of road surfaces for a safer driving experience.

The “Blaze Cockpit” achieves a unique harmony of high-tech aesthetic sensibilities. The spacious cabin includes an attractive 34-colour infinity mood lamp and a 12.3-inch full-digital center gauge cluster that mirrors the AVN screen for a fun and pleasant driving experience

  • 9-inch HD navigation with Smart Mirroring
  • 8” Smart mirroring multimedia
  • Apple Carplay
  • Google Android Auto

Infinity mood lamps

LEDs and a semi-transparent mirror create an infinity effect that transforms the cabin into a luxurious space. The 34 colours can be adjusted in a variety of different ways to suit the desired mood.

Smart tailgate

Stand behind the vehicle with your smart key and without pressing any button the tailgate will open automatically within 3 seconds.


From long cross-country road trips to short family outings into the countryside, the e-Motion shines in all situations. It offers best-in-class cargo space and provides a wide variety of seat configurations to take on the most challenging scenarios.


ENGINE Electric motor(152.2kW)
Overall length mm 4,465
Overall width mm 1,870
Overall height mm 1,635(1,645)
Wheel base mm 2,675
Tread Front mm 1,590
Rear mm 1,610
Overhang Front mm 922
Rear mm 868
Approach angle degree 19.5
Departure angle degree 25.0
Ramp angle degree 15.0
Min. clearance mm 169
Min.turning radius m 5.35
Weight Gross vehicle weight kg 2,250
Kerb weight kg 1,765
Gross trailer
Braked kg 1,500
Unbraked kg 500
Performance Max. power kW/rpm 152.2
ps/rpm 206.9
Max. torque Nm/rpm 339
kg.m/rpm 34.6
Max. speed km/h 156
Electric energy consumption (Wh/km) 123.7(City),181.3(Combined)
Electric range km 339.9
Electric range city km 498.4

· The energy use will depend on speed, style of driving, climate and route conditions.

· The above technical data can vary slightly by regional certification requirements or sales specifications.

· The declared energy consumption was determined according to the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP).