Ssangyong Motor launches Korea’s first LUV「Actyon Sports」


▪ Unique e-XDi200 Active engine optimized for Korea’s roads with 155 hp and outstanding 15.6km fuel efficiency
▪ Renewed 「Actyon Sports」has it all; powerful performance, multipurpose use, convenience and reasonable price
▪ 29 degree recline of rear seats provide a spacious, comfortable interior space for 5 member family


Ssangyong Motor(President & CEO Lee Yoo-il; officially launched 「Actyon Sports」on January 12th. This is the first LUV (Leisure Utility Vehicle), known as the perfect vehicle for outdoor life, released in Korea. At the press event including a test drive held at Kintex, not only Korean media, but also foreign reporters attended to celebrate the official launch.

Considering the dramatic increase in outdoor and extreme sports population, 「Actyon Sports」proactively responded to the needs of the customers who enjoy leisure activities. Not only the exterior and interior design, but also the unique diesel engine that specially designed for driving in Korea for the first time is noticeable. This engine enables the new born LUV to have the full package; fuel efficiency, powerful performance, multipurpose use, convenience, and reasonable price.

In addition, 「Actyon Sports」interprets Ssangyong Motor’s dynamic and strong image into a stylish design. Korea’s first Leisure Utility Vehicle, with a modern design of full volume and sharp character lines, is a new model with a new concept that can be used for multi purposes including both leisure activities and city driving.

Ssangyong Motor invested 90 billion won over the past two years from 2009 to launch 「Actyon Sports」, which is the third generation model that inherits the brand value of the first generation 「Musso Sports」, and the second generation「Actyon Sports」. This third generation model was named「Actyon Sports」 aiming for adding pleasure of outdoor life and customer value realization to the previously launched「Korando」’s Young, Sporty, and Dynamic image.

In particular, 「Actyon Sports」has strengthened its mid-low speed torque so that the vehicle is optimized for the driving environment in Korea which bears slopes, curves and mountains. For the first time in Korea, this new LUV mounted the e-XDi200 Active engine, which can realize a maximum torque from 1,500rpm. Thanks to this engine, it has a fuel efficiency of 15.6km(M/T), which is a whopping 24% improvement compared to that of 「Ex Actyon Sports」, despite the fact that it is a frame type vehicle. The fuel efficiency not only meets Korea’s emissions regulations, but also complies with Euro 5, Europe’s regulations.

Moreover, e-XDi200’s maximum output is 155 horsepower and maximum torque is 36.7kg•m, which is a 15% improvement in performance compared to former engine. Maximum torque is maintained in the most used engine driving scope (1,500~2,800rpm), which makes 「Actyon Sports」 a “Fun to Drive” and driving efficient vehicle.

「Actyon Sports」’s ▲ front design has a strong, dynamic and sophisticated image with its mesh type hexagon radiator grill and trapezoid bumpers. The black bezel headlamps, which are usually used for imported luxury cars, add exclusiveness to the LUV. ▲The side line is a belt line type linked from the rear fender with a stylish edge, which gives a sporty and sleek look to the vehicle. ▲ The wide rear glass enables the driver to secure a clear rear-side view and the unique transparent clear type rear lamps makes it easier to see and also gives a signature look to the vehicle.

The high capacity rear deck(2.04㎡) has an even floor when opening the tailgate so that loading gets easier. Not only storage space and multipurpose use are maximized, but also convenience is considered. Hinge springs are used for the tailgate so that opening the door takes only half the effort (11kgf) of what was required for opening the door of its predecessor (21kgf).

The interior of「Actyon Sports」 has a classy and sophisticated feel with black and metal grain colors stylishly used and the efficiency LED clusters maximize visibility and convenience. The black center fascia with metal grain colors gives the interior a more sophisticated and advanced look.

The comfortable seats are covered by high-end genuine leather as those of a luxury sedan. The center headrest, folding center armrest is noticeable and rear seats recline by 29 degrees so that even a five member family may feel spacious and comfortable inside.

Moreover, safety is maximized with its super strong tri-structure frame, manufactured with Ssangyong Motor’s crème de la crème frame technology of long history, which is used to minimize the shock of the passenger in case of a collision. In addition, stable driving is guaranteed as ESP and 4WD plays a role in excellent road grip.

「Actyon Sports」 helps passengers store their belongings conveniently during the drive with its ▲center console ▲sunglass case ▲center tray. Other functionalities such as ▲eco cruise control system ▲auto light control ▲rain sensing wiper ▲ETCS system ▲ECM rear view mirror ▲front row seat heating ▲safety power window for driver’s seat ▲power outlet are also provided so that customers can feel most comfortable to enjoy their drive.

In addition, ▲the center tray is equipped with a USB so that the MP3&WAA files in portable USB memories passengers carry can be played. ▲Bluetooth hands-free for safe mobile phone use during driving and Bluetooth audio streaming for audio files in the cell phone to be played through car speakers are installed. ▲Stylish out sliding sunroof, ▲trip computer that shows average and instantaneous fuel mileage for an economic drive are also included.

「Actyon Sports」offers customizing to meet the needs of customers who enjoy outdoor activities and are willing to have a style of their own. Products that can be customized are ▲Deck Top ▲Skid Plate ▲Nudge Bar ▲Side Step and various styling can be done to these products to give customers the opportunity to express themselves.

Lee Yoo-il, CEO of Ssangyong Motor said “「Actyon Sports」, the representative Korean LUV that is optimized to meet the needs of customers who enjoy outdoor activities, is the new flagship model of Ssangyong Motor that will expand the scope of automotive culture and bring a new sensation to the Korean automotive market.” He added, “「Actyon Sports」 will play an important role as a driving force to achieve 2012 sales target and get Ssangyong Motor back on track”.