Ssangyong Motor Unveils 3rd Generation 『New Chairman H』 at 2011 Seoul Motor Show


▪ Premium 『New Chairman H』 sedan, with classic design aesthetics, offers advanced performance, safety and convenience that today’s customers expect.
▪ Chairman H represents the bright future of Ssangyong Motor backed by Indian giant Mahindra
▪ Concept cars such as 『SUT1』, 『W Summit』, 『KEV2』 and prototype eco-friendly engines are also on exhibit

SsangYong Motor Company (CEO & President Yoo-il Lee; unveiled a new lineup at the 2011 Seoul Motor Show headed by its 「New Chairman H」, the 3rd generation model in the company’s classic 「Chairman」 series, backed up by futuristic concept cars like the 「W Summit」, 「KEV2」, and 「SUT1」 and eco-friendly engines.

The New Chairman H
The 「New Chairman H」 succeeds the 1st generation of Korea’s flagship sedan, the Chairman, and the 2nd generation 「Chairman H」, which redefined the sedan market. The 「New Chairman H」 enhances the luxury appeal of the Chairman brand with a reborn look defined by the New Classic philosophy. New Classic represents Ssangyong’s 「New Chairman H」 design that incorporates modern aerodynamic styling that augments class and prestige.

The front view of the 「New Chairman H」 successfully represents both tradition and evolution with strong character lines that run from hood and fender to head lamps, and from hood to radiator grill. The rear design applies LED lighting to the Horizontal Rear Combination Lamp to enhance the look.

The interior of the 「New Chairman H」 incorporates a redesigned instrument panel and repositioned key control switches for an enhanced driver viewing angle, ease of operation, and a safer driving experience.

The 「New Chairman H」 is also outfitted with advanced safety and comfort upgrades including ▲ ESS (Emergence Stop Signal) and HSA (Hill Start Assist) added to the ESP system ▲ The luxurious natural leather seating, previously an amenity on the「Chairman W」, is now a standard, ▲ The speed-sensing power steering system improves driving performance and convenience, ▲ Smart key messages via a 3.5” Dot Matrix Type LCD including tire direction indication, and a white, multi-function super vision cluster with DIS delivers pinpoint system control, ▲ Ventilated front-seating, ▲ Heated steering wheel, ▲ and smart key system.

With these and other developments, the 「New Chairman H」offers premium value that matches customer preferences in driving performance and safety. The 「New Chairman H」, will be rolled out at Ssangyong Motor dealerships throughout Korea starting in May.

Futuristic Technology
Showcasing its commitment to technological advances, Ssangyong Motor has introduced new engine technology concept cars such as the 「SUT1」, a follow-up model to the Actyon Sports, the 「W Summit」 based on the 「Chairman W Limousine」, a pure electric car 「KEV2」 that represents an evolution of the 「Korando C」, and four types of eco-friendly engines.

The 「SUT1」, which received high acclaim at the Genèva Motor Show is a mass production-type concept car with the advantages of both SUVs and pick-up trucks. It is a 3rd generation model following a line of Sports Utility Trucks including the 「Musso Sports」 in 2003 and the 「Actyon Sports」 in 2006.

The 「W Summit」 introduces Ssangyong Motor’s new automobile culture with innovative space aesthetics for passengers based on the Chairman W Limousine.

Building on Ssangyong Motor’s eco-friendly green car vision, first represented by the EV 1 Car at the 2010 Busan Motor Show, is the electric 「KEV2」with significantly enhanced performance. The 「KEV2」 incorporates a 120kW motor and a 35kWh 350V high-voltage lithium polymer battery. It has a maximum speed of 150km/h, and driving range of 180km. A separate test driving booth is also available for spectators to experience the 「Korando C」 EV that utilizes 「KEV2」 technology.

Ssangyong Motor also has on exhibit three eco-friendly, innovative diesel engines and one gasoline engine based on a Fun to Drive concept for cars that fully comply with Euro 5 and Euro 6 limits on pollution as well as CO2 emissions.

“The newly released 「New Chairman H」 premium sedan enhances the luxury and class of the Chairman series, which has grown to become Korea’s representative brand. Going forward, we are excited about developing into a global auto company and establishing ourselves as a world renowned brand through our strategic partnership with Mahindra,” said Ssangyong CEO Yoo-il Lee.

At the Seoul Motor Show, Ssangyong Motor occupies a total floor area of 1,500㎡ under the theme, ‘New Change, New Challenge,’ which includes an SUV Zone, New Tech Zone centered on the Chairman Zone, Interactive Game Experience Zone, as well as lounge areas.

▣ 2011 Seoul Motor Show Ssangyong Motor Hall Exhibited Car Status
(1 new car, 4 concept cars, 6 mass produced cars, 4 engines)
> New Car : New Chairman H
> Concept Cars : SUT1, W Summit, KEV2, Korando C EV (Test driving car)
> Mass Produced Cars : Chairman W, Rexton, Kyron, Korando C, Korando C customizing, Actyon Sports
> Others : 3 future-oriented cutting-edge eco-friendly diesel engines and 1 gasoline engine