SsangYong announces the compact SUV, 'Actyon'


“Sports Car Design Applied”


Ssangyong Motor has released Actyon, a compact SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) for five.



SsangYong says the name Actyon combines "action" and "young."


Ssangyong Motor held the debut for Actyon at the Walkerhill Hotel in Gwangjang-dong Seoul on the 13th, explaining “Actyon, a new vehicle striving to be the leader in domestic entry level SUV vehicles, comes with a unique style, and the highest performance compared with other vehicles in the same class.” The company also announced that the car will “officially begin selling on the 14th.” Ssangyong Motor explained that the name Actyon is derived from ‘Act’ and ‘Young.’


With regard to target consumers, Ssangyong Motor explained that “the major consumers will be the medium to mature age group of people who enjoy uniqueness and originality, and those in their 20’s-30’s who are employed, and enjoy dynamic driving performance and distinctive looks.” The company stated that “we are aiming to sell over average 3,000 cars in month, in the domestic market.”


The front glimpse of Actyon at its debut showed that the family look has been applied to it just as with their Rodius and Kyron models. However, they adopted a different design than other conventional SUV vehicles. As the company explained, “it is a combination of the SUV and coupe’.


Actyon comes with an XDi200 engine with a 2.0 liter displacement capacity, which has been developed by Ssangyong Motor’s own technology. The company explained that they have applied XVT (excellent VGT) technology, which is the latest 3rd generation turbo charger system. The vehicle has a maximum of 145 horsepower (4,000 prm), and the maximum torque is 31.6 kg·m(1800~2750rpm). 


Convenience and safety features include family seat curtain and airbag, ESP (Electronic Stability Program), HDC (Hill Descent Control, Low-speed driving system for downhill), 5.1 channel stereo audio system, and fully automatic air conditioning system.


In terms of size, the Actyon is 4,455 mm long, 1,880 mm wide, and 1,740 mm high. The distance between the front and rear axles is 2,740 mm. Depending on the specs, there are CX5, CX7, and HYPER models, and depending on the driving requirements, it is divided into two wheel and four wheel drive models.


- Source from Chosun Daily (Oct 13th, 2005) -